AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report

AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report


This is an activity document that describes the work to be performed and/or activities being undertaken in the sub-project. Provide sufficient details so that we could disseminate the progress/status.

Date of report: 15 May 2014

Project Title: Electrical Energy Footprint of AIT
Submitted by: Dr. J G Singh
Area of Activity: Electrical Energy

A. Goals/Objectives/Plan

To conduct the electrical energy mapping of AIT, including both residential and academic area, along with the identification of locations for the placement of electricity metering devices, acquiring the devices and installing them. The project also aims at providing an online interface that will provide the user with a satellite image of AIT that shows location wise the electrical consumption in the campus.

B. Progress/Completed Tasks (attach photos with caption of your activities)

Electricity measurement for the Energy Building No.1 has been carried out. The data for two weeks has been recorded and is being processed. The instrument used for the measurement was Fluke Power Logger 1735.

(Meter and wiring connection for power and energy consumption)


C. Future Work

  •  Energy Building No.2 measurement will commence on 19/5/14
  •  Energy measurement of other buildings in the Academic area of AIT
  •  Assimilation and processing of the data
  •  Proposing the use of more metering devices in wherever not present.
  •  Online hosting of the data collected.