AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report

AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report


This is an activity document that describes the work to be performed and/or activities being undertaken in the sub-project. Provide sufficient details so that we could disseminate the progress/status.

Date of report: 12 May 2014

Project Title: Limiting Bicycle Access to Harmonize Walking and Cycling in AIT Campus
Submitted by: Dr. Djoen San Santoso
Area of Activity: Transportation

A. Goals/Objectives/Plan

  • to identify centralized bicycle parking lots that can accommodate the needs of the community,
  • to implement the bicycle restriction rule with the support and approval from AIT Administration and concerned units,
  • to examine the implementation from the perspectives of AIT community (students, staff, and faculty), and
  • to propose recommendation to the AIT Administration in harmonizing walking and cycling in the inner areas.

B. Progress/Completed Tasks (attach photos with caption of your activities)

  • Locations of bicycle parking have been identified following discussion with CMO Unit.
  • Meeting and discussion with Student Union and AIT Sustainability Club was held with positive responses and supportive feedback.
  • Policy and regulations necessary for the execution of the program have been designed.
  • The draft policy and regulations have been technically approved by CMO and submitted to AIT Administration for approval.

Figure-1. Parked bicycles block the corridor for walking in AIT campus


Figure-2. Proposed centralized bicycle parking locations (P1, P2, G1 and G2)


Figure-3. Meeting with Student Union and AIT Sustainability Club


C. Future Work

After receiving approval on the policy and regulations for implementing Bicycle Restricted Area (BRA), our plan is as follows:

  • Socialize the BRA policy and regulations to AIT community before implementation
  • Prepare the parking locations to facilitate and organize bicycle parking
  • Cooperate with concerned units on the implementation of BRA