AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report

AIT Green Campus Initiative – Project Activity Report


This is an activity document that describes the work to be performed and/or activities being undertaken in the sub-project. Provide sufficient details so that we could disseminate the progress/status.

Date of report: 30 April 2014

Project Title: Web-based Water Level and Water Quality Monitoring System using Open-field Server in AIT
Submitted by: Dr. Masahiko Nagai
Area of Activity: Water

A. Goals/Objectives/Plan

The purpose of this project is to develop a dynamic field sensor system for real time monitoring of water level and water quality in AIT. Water level is measured every the ultra sonic sensor. Water quality is determined by the parameters like pH, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. These parameters can be detected ever hour and every day in real time. The camera can be integrated to the above system, which takes the photo about current situation of water sources and send the photo to web application interface. Web application interface can be provided for data sharing and data visualizer can developed that all users can easily understand the data by graphs or charts.

The data from the sensors will be sending to social networking site like twitter. Data will be retrieved from social networking site is text format only which can be integrated and visualized in a web application interface. The end user like Sodexo team easily gets the current situation of water level and water quality with the help of graphical visualization. The system is open to public, so that any users can easily access the data.

B. Progress/Completed Tasks (attach photos with caption of your activities)

We have developed Open Field server. We have conduct indoor experiment for water level by measure the distance of the target like water level using ultrasonic sensor (Fig. 1). Also, we have conducting experiment for power unit (Fig. 2) to set up field sensor in outdoor environment. The power unit has solar panel and battery, and it supplies power to the sensor by USB. This is very unique point. The sensor that we are currently try to use, ranges to the first detectable target and does not have the same stability filter featured in these sensors that verifies the range data before outputting a range reading. In order to avoid the abnormal value, we need specialized filter called a most-likely filter in ultrasonic sensor. These types of sensors are equipped with filtering firmware that allows the sensor to ignore smaller targets and noise, and still report the target that gives the largest acoustic return. It also rejects periodic noise, even noise that has higher amplitude than the acoustic return from the target.


Figure 1. Ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement


Fig 2. Power Unit

C. Future Work

After preliminary checking of sensors and power unit by indoor experiment, we will purchase the equipment for Field sensor. We will adjust in real field environment and start to get data. After data acquisition, acquitted data will be transmitted to the social networking website “Twitter” via cloud-based sensor back-end service. Data from the twitter integrated in web application interface and visualized as graphical data.