Community Engagement

Community Engagement

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Community Engagement Engagement

Through action and outreach, we are transforming the campus and this is only achievable with the participation of students, faculty and campus residents. A peer-to-peer education and encourage the community to get involved in environmentally related activities in order to bring awareness the importance of integrating sustainability in the campus.

Student Group

AIT Campus Sustainability Club

AIT is focused on preparing the next generation of environmental leaders by giving our students the tools and resources to integrate environmental awareness while studying on campus.  AIT’s future leaders formed the Sustainability Club which meets throughout the year, engaging in various activities for the promotion of a sustainable life on campus. LEARN MORE (to link



Resident Participation

In an effort to reduce campus wastes, residents are encouraged to participate in recycling (plastics, tins, papers, bottles & other scraps), proper disposal of solid wastes and conservation of water and energy.

From Trash to Treasure!

The “Cash for Trash” program is a reward for their effort. Recyclables are collected and can be exchanged in cash.

Trash to Treasure_22042015

Ecogardening – knowing your food and where it comes from

Some residents compost their food wastes for use as fertilizers in their gardens.  Having a backyard garden not only benefits the community but it also promotes environmental sustainability and healthy eating.