Electrical Energy

Electrical Energy

Electrical Energy

AIT, as a leading regional postgraduate institution requires a lot of energy use and identifying ways for a more sustainable approach is a work in progress. There’s a need to implement energy efficiency within the campus and to get the message across, an initiative that will support the cause to reduce energy consumption is being developed.  The objective is to find electrical footprint to provide mapping of energy use in AIT and this would require installation of measuring devices and energy meters that can monitor and collect data on energy consumption per room or office.  The available data will be made available online via GUI. The focuse of the study is the Energy Building at AIT.

Meter and wiring_22042015

Meter and wiring connection for power and energy consumption

Meter and connector_22042015

Meter and connector device that will convert RS232 serial cable into a LAN cable

For collecting the data from the energy meter a dedicated computer was required which can had to be used for hosting a webpage showing the real time energy consumption of the building using.


Software indicating the absence of current in two phases: Only Yellow phase carries current