Electrical Energy Foot-print of AIT

Electrical Energy Foot-print of AIT

Principal Investigator: Dr. J G Singh

Area of activity: Electricity consumption monitoring infrastructure assessment

Background and rationale: Electrical energy foot-print denotes electrical energy consumption in a location-wise basis, shown on a satellite image and made available online helping the user to access and be informed of the electricity consumption at locations of their concern. Proper monitoring of energy consumption is the first step towards energy saving. Without an estimate of how much is being used, saving opportunities cannot be concluded. Regular and correct, information of energy consumption can help users be aware of their own contribution to the usage and wastage of our most precious currency, energy.

Objective: This project aims at conducting the electrical energy map of AIT, including both residential and academic area, along with the identification of locations for the placement of electricity metering devices, acquiring the devices and installing them. The project also aims at providing an online interface that will provide the user with a satellite image of AIT that shows location wise the electrical consumption in the campus.

Methodology: The following steps define the methodology that will be followed for the implementation of the project.

  • Identify the location of electricity metering devices and identify new requirements in residential and academic areas of the campus.
  • Identify the number of meters required and install them.
  • As a pilot stage, install energy meters for Energy building and check the working and performance for 2 weeks.
  • Assimilate all the data in the database and design the Electricity foot-print smart-map (either with google maps or by html webpage design).
  • Upload the smart-map and host it online.
  • Conduct similar work throughout the campus.

Time Schedule

Expected output and impact:

  • Proper monitoring of electricity consumption inside AIT.
  • Online information on monthly electricity consumption for full AIT.
  • Awareness creation among energy users.

How this project will contribute to AIT: A living sustainability laboratory: This project is a focal indicator of responsible energy usage of individuals in an organization. It helps to identify over draw of energy and lower the cost-effectively and sensibly. The calculation results can be used in strategic and operative planning, constructing an energy efficient system and planning for cost savings. It promotes positive, energy conscious company image and can boost the marketing of an organisation and its services.